Monday, October 26, 2015

{week 40}

Malo lelei!! 

Aka good morning! Haha week 1 in the Tongan stake. It was
my first time driving a car in 10 months and it was a little scary at
first honestly but it didn't take long until I got back into the hang
of it. Oh and I've never eaten so much food in my life. They have this
thing that they make that is wrapped in coconut leaves and then there
is corn beef on the inside of that. It's pretty strange but it wasn't
that bad! I've really been struggling with eating a lot at dinners
though because they put a ton on your plate and they
expect you to eat all of it gone and I'm a tiny guy so that's been kinda tough
trying to get everything down hahaha. Oh and I started a photo sharing
album from my iPad so if you want to see what I'm up to with pictures, send
me your email address or phone number that is registered with apple
and I'll add you to the group! Send it to my email! So the work in
this area is really good! Our area goes all the way up past park city
and down to Lehi. It's crazy! The area is so big that we just drive
everywhere. We can't walk or bike at all so I
think I'll be gaining some weight while I'm here unfortunately /: We go into
all the surrounding missions. So we don't even really have a mission
boundary which is crazy coming from such small areas. Not much to write
this week. Not much new is happening over here. Just doing my best to stay
in shape! Hahaha here's a few pics of me and my comps!

Love Elder Bowler 

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