Monday, October 19, 2015

{week 39, transfers}

Once again, it's that time for transfers. 

So crazy story.. We got a
transfercall on Friday night from the Assistants and they told me
that I would be headed to the bennion stake with an elder from Brazil
but today while we were playing some indoor soccer and football, we
got a call from the assistants and they said elder Bowler, we will be
changing your transfer assignment. You will be serving in the Salt
Lake City Utah TONGAN stake!! Hahaha I'm so pumped. I get new Tongan
name tags and we can wear lava-lavas to church! I'll be serving with a
2 Polynesian companions too. I'm sure we'll get along just fine. Oh
and I'll have a car in my new area because we cover the whole Utah
county valley!  But besides that, I'm pretty bummed to be leaving this
area. It just might be my favorite area. I've made so many friends and
even people I consider my family out in this area. If I had to live in
Utah, it would be in Grantsville. So laid back and southern
hospitality. This week went really good. Oh and ifyou lost count, I'm 
on my 4th area with my 7th companion. Not too much new going on this
week. We laid someone's floor again this week so I'm getting pretty
good at laying floor! Hahaha well I'm thankful for all the emails I'm
recieving. You guys are awesome.

Love, Elder Bowler

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