Monday, November 30, 2015

{week 45 Happy Thanksgiving}

Lots of new news this week! So once agin, it's that time for
transfers... Can you believe it's already been 6 weeks?! Crazy. But
anyways, My comp Elder Jones is headed out to Tooele and I'll be
staying in the area (Bennion West) and getting a new companion named
elder Ball. So if you lost count, this will be my 10th companion. Lol
He's been out about 9 months so pretty close to me and I've heard
nothing but good things about him and he's from California so we're
gonna be best friends obviously haha. And we'll be elder bowler and
elder ball (Bowl 'n' Ball) hahahaha. It's gonna be a fun transfer! And
I will be hitting my year mark here in the next couple weeks so it'll
be HUMP DAYYYYYYYY! So anyways thanksgiving was freakin awesome. It
was an all day p-day for us but we couldn't email or nothing so we
just partied all day. We got up, went to the park to play some turkey
bowl but it turned out that nobody was there but luckily we brought a
soccer ball and there was some goals with nets so we played some
"hit-the-crossbar" and some soccer version of horse. And then we
called some youth and other missionaries to come out and play and we
ended up getting 12 people out there and we played 6v6 soccer and
football. It was super fun. We did that from about 9-1:30. Then after,
we rode home and ate a quick snack and showered and then we had one of
our families in the area come pick us up and they took us to their
thanksgiving dinner with all of their family. There was like 20 people
there. And just the way they did thanksgiving reminded me so much of
how my own family did thanksgiving so it was awesome for me! I loved
it. It consisted of eating, playing games (spoons, uno, war, and
another Australian game that one of the people taught us), and even a
little bit of football because they said they weren't gonna turn it
off so we couldn't do anything about it hahaha and then we came back
from their families house and hung out with that family until the rest
of the night. It was such a fun day to just relaxe and enjoy the
holiday! We also had our first snow this week and it's a love/hate
relationship with snow. I hate that it is so cold and that I have to
wear such big coats and stuff! But I love watching my companions crash
on their bikes in the snow hahahaha. So we were riding to one of our
appt's on Saturday and I was drifting in the snow on the way and just
having a good time and then my comp decided to try it and he thought
it would be a good idea to put on both brakes and slide so he did it
going pretty good speed and he totally ate it in the middle of the
road!!! Hahahaha I laughed for a good 5 minutes. He was just real
embarrassed about the whole thing and then asked me why I didn't crash
and I told him not to use the front brake hahaha. Oh man, that was the
highlight of the day. Life is going good! Oh and I had a baptism this
week out in Grantsville for a guy that I started teaching and put on
date while I was there and that was awesome to get to see him baptized
and I got to see some of my favorite people while I was out there!
We're teaching a lot more than when I first got to the area so we're
doing our best to pick it up. Patience and diligence is key with slow
areas. If you haven't joined my photo sharing, join it for more pics
throughout the week to see what I'm up to! Just send me your email if
you have an apple device! Love you guys. Thank you for all the love
and support!

Love, Elder Bowler

{week 44}

It's been a great week this week! I got some crazy cool stories and
some crazy funny stories and just crazy stories haha. So this week on
Friday, we were able to finally find some new investigators!!! And one
of our other investigators started reading and he came to church so
he's progressing. Much better news this week than last week. Like I'm
not really a numbers guy, but I love having work to do and teaching
lessons rather than just knocking doors all day. Finding is just
really not that fun tbh.. So I'm pumped we have cool people to work
with now. Oh my gosh, this week during our 3rd sacrament meeting on
Sunday, the sacrament was coming around and they were passing around
the water and I grabbed a cup off the tray and then I dropped the cup
and it totally got everywhere on me and the floor. I'm pretty sure
everyone in the congregation saw... It was terrible. Hahahahaha then
later on in that sacrament, the choir was going up to sing and there
was this middle-aged woman who was going up the stairs and she just
totally ate it on the last step. She tripped and fell hard on the
stage. She got up fine and everything was okay but you could tell she
was really embarrassed so I think she beat me in the prize for most
embarrassing moment in sacrament meeting. What a crazy Sunday hahaha.
Then last night we had a mission musical fireside and our mission
created a mission choir and we use it to bring people together and to
get the to feel the spirit through music and they are always so good.
My companion is in the choir so I get to go to every fireside. It's
awesome! I Also had the opportunity to go back to the Tongan stake for
a baptism. I worked with the guy while I was there and we put him on
date for baptism while I was there and he went through with it! So
awesome. Oh and a few weeks ago, I was at my interview with my mission
president and after I was done, the mission secretary asked me to come
to his computer and he finalized my release date and so it's official
now that I will be coming home December 13th, 2016. So just a little
over a year left. Time is really flying by. It's crazy. Well, that's
all I have for this week. deuces!

Love, Elder Bowler

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

{week 43 Birthday Boii}

Afternoon friends and family. 

So p-day got changed to today and I had
the opportunity to go to the salt lake temple today! My 2nd favorite
temple. Luckily, I got the package that my mom sent me just in time to
take the names she threw in there. I got the chance to go through the
temple for one of my ancestors and provide that saving ordinance for
them because they never got the chance! Going through the temple for
someone related to you is so cool because
often times, you can feel their spirit there with you and just knowing that you
helped them to gain access to the highest degree of glory is truly amazing. And
what better way to spend your birthday as a missionary than at the temple?!
On a funnier note, there's a guy in my area named brother summers and
he is kind of a fashion guy but he is like 45 and he gives us rides
places when we need to get somewhere and this week we got into his car
and he knows I'm big into fashion because of my skinny ties and skinny
pants and everything slim fit and he was like "Elder bowler, ever
since you've been in this area, you've made me feel insecure about my
fashion and the way I dress because I'm always wondering
if you'll think it looks good or not so I got dressed early this morning to
make sure I matched and looked my best today." Hahahahahahahaha it's
always good to hear that you're making people look better for you! Me and
my comp just about died when he told us that. It's been an awesome
birthday so far and I'm so thankful for all of the birthday wishes.
You guys are honestly the best! Not too much to write this week... If
you ever have questions for me about anything, just shoot me an email.
I love to hear from you guys!

Love Elder Bowler

Monday, November 16, 2015

(week 42)


Well this was my first full week in my new area in the Bennion
Utah WestStake! This area is going kinda slow but elder jones and I
are workin our butts off to get more teaching going on here. I left
Grantsville with 7 progressing investigators which are all on date for
baptism now so that's my goal  in this stake. To get that much work to
keep us busy because when you're busy, time flies and it's much more
fun teaching rather than just knocking doors! We were
able to set several appointments this week so it's a start. Just gotta get them
to progress! On Tuesday of this week, I was on exchanges with Elder
Stevenson again because our companions do choir and we're both just
like screw that, let's go work so we go on exchanges every Tuesday and
Wednesday in my area and in his area which is my first area so I love
it. But anyways, this Tuesday we were in my area and I had no idea
what to do because I had just got into the area so we decided to try
to contact some former investigators but elder Stevenson forgot his
shoes with the Zone leaders so they asked us if they could
bring them to us so we went to the nearest church building which is about
a minute away in either direction because we're in Utah... Lol. But
anyways, we get the shoes and then head back to the apartment to drop
them off and we go walking back to contact some formers and then out
of nowhere this guy pops out of his garage and is like "Elders!! Are
you the missionaries for the bennion west stake?" and I said yes. And
he said he's been wanting to get in contact with us and he wanted a
priesthood blessing because he was going through a really tough time
in his life and I had the opportunity to give him that
blessing and then afterward he asked us if we could teach him the stop
smoking program and if we could start teaching him the discussions. He's
a less-active member of he church but he wants to get back into church
and quit smoking because he has a baby that is due on my birthday!! So
we are teaching him now! Such a crazy cool experience. The lord really
does have a plan for everything. If elder Stevenson hadn't forgot his
shoes, we never would have found him! THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES! Thank
you for all the love and support. Remember, if you want to see what
I'm up to I have an iCloud photo sharing album so just email me your
phone number or your Apple ID and I'll add you to the album! Oh and
most likely next week, I will be writing on Tuesday
because we have a temple trip which means p-day will be changed to Tuesday the
17th. What better way to spend your birthday as a missionary than having
a temple trip and p-day on your birthday. The only thing that would make
it better is some letters (or packages) from you guys! (;

5565 south 3580 west
Taylorsville, Utah 84129

 ~ Stay classy my friends.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

{week 41}

Hello friends and Family, 

     What a crazy week!  So for those of you who don't follow my photo sharing, I was 
emergency transferred out of the Tongan Stake because of an Elder who wasn't able to 
come to our mission because he wasn't able to get his visa in time.  So I took his place 
in the Bennion West Stake.  I was pretty bummed to be leaving the Tongan Stake but
I still love Taylorsville so it's all good!

     If you lost count, I am now on my 9th companion and 5th area in 10 months!  Haha
It's really crazy how everything has happened.  My guess is that I will be staying 
here in the Bennion West Stake for a good little while...At least I hope.  I've been
here for about 5 days now and I am loving it so far.  My companion is Elder Jones
from Alabama.  He has been out about 16 months.  He is a great missionary and we knew
each other from my old mission.  We were actually supposed to be companions in Midvale
until my transfer got switched back in May.  So a few things happened and we eventually 
got to be companions.  

     This week I had the opportunity to go back to Grantsville with Elder Brumbaugh 
for a baptism we had out there when we were companions.  It was great to spend some 
time with him and go back out to Granstville to see old friends.  I miss it so much.
I hope and  pray I get to serve there again before the end of my mission!  Life is 
real good here but the work is kind of slow at the moment.  We're doing our best 
to pick it up and I'll let you guys know how it goes!  Oh and my birthday is coming 
up so I'll 
be in Taylorsville for that which I'm super pumped for.

     My new address is 5565 South 3580 West Taylorsville, Utah 84123 so feel free to send some letters and packages :)

     Love you Guys!

     Elder Bowler