Monday, October 5, 2015

{week 37}

So to start off, I'm sorry I haven't been emailing some of you guys
back as much as I usually do. Life is busy out here! And I'm so
thankful for all of your letters and support. But anyways; on Tuesday of 
this week, a member asked us to come over and help them with their
floor so we went over thinking it would take a few hours... We ended
up spending 7 hours there doing service but it was great. I learned
how to lay flooring (Like a giant puzzle) and I got 4 mountain dews
out of it so not a bad day if you ask me! I've really come to
appreciate Mountain Dew on my mission hahaha. Not much else has
been happening this week. Conference weeks are really tough because
it's basically all of Saturday and most of Sunday but we still have
our investigators progressing and we did find a few new investigators
so definitely not a bad week in my book! How great was conference
though?! So good. I missed the first Saturday session because we were
helping one of my favorite families in the area move houses.
Thankfully they just moved down the road and not out of town! Haha we
had about 30 people there helping out at both houses. I had never seen
so many people out to help at a move. Such a cool ward
with such great members! I think my favorite talk overall at conference was the
talk given by Elder Von Keetch. Why? Because what he said is so
true.  Commandments, Rules, & laws aren't put there to restrict us but
rather to keep us safe. The lord wants us to be happy, safe, and blessed
and the way he has promised that we will have those things is by obedience
to the commandments! Kind of like how our parents give us rules when
we're growing up to keep us safe. I know I personally struggled with
feeling like they were just rules fencing me in but looking back, all
those rules kept me safe and out of harms way. They give us those
rules because they have had experience in life and they know what
things could happen amd they see the bigger picture. It's the same
with our father in heaven. He knows all. He gives us commandments
to keep us safe and out of danger. Not to fence us in, but rather to
guide us. I know that by living the commandments and doing what our
Heavenly Father asks of us, we will be blessed. It's a promise and the
lord is bound when we do what he asks. Try it out. You never know what
could happen (:

Elder Chase Bowler

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