Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hey you guys! So, my emails have been kinda lackin lately and I'm
sorry for that but here's an email for this week! So you're probably
wondering why I'm writing this on a Tuesday... So today we had a zone
temple trip to the bountiful temple and it was seriously the coolest
temple I've been to out here in Utah. I've really come to appreciate
the temple so much while I've been out here on my mission. The feeling
you get inside of the temple is just something you can't get anywhere
else. Just the peaceful and worry free feeling is the best. So we
started off the day at the 7:15 session at the bountiful temple and
then after that we headed over to Bell canyon to hike up the mountain
to a waterfall which was probably the coolest hikes I've ever been
on.. Especially because it was with a bunch of missionary buddies. Me
and my comp are having so much fun this transfer. It's basically like
hanging out with one of your best friends like 24/7 haha.
In other news, ABBY AND ANGEL WERE BAPTIZED LAST WEEK!! It was so cool
to have 2 in one week. Especially because I've had the opportunity to
teach both of them for 2 months and I had the opportunity to baptize
Abby which is always an awesome experience. Well, Life is going really
well out here!! Sorry for the short email but I'll do better next
week! Haha here's some pics!

Elder Bowler