Wednesday, December 16, 2015

{week 47}

Well good afternoon ladies and gents. So for those of you who are
thinking I didn't put you in my weekly email last week, I didn't write
one... Life is busy as a missionary! So anyways, life is good. It's
been 2 good solid weeks with my new comp elder Ball. He's an awesome
dude. And he is actually from riverside California which is crazy
cool. We know a couple mutual friends back home and he even DJ'd the
Redlands dances I went to! Crazy small world. Missionary work is kinda
slow right now in the bennion west stake but we're really tryin our
best to pick it up. So some news on when my release date is... It got
changed again. It will be moved back one week because the church has
decided that missionaries need to stay in the MTC for 3 weeks instead
of 2 so now I will be coming home December 20th so I hit my year mark
THIS WEEK!! I'm pumped. 1 year down, 1 to go. Life as a missionary is
great. The best decision I've made in my life up to this point. I'm so
thankful for all of you who helped me to get to this point. The love
and support from you guys has been huge. Not too much to write this
week but Christmas is coming up and it will be my first and last one
on my mission! If you're wondering, I love jackets, ties, and socks (;
haha. I hope you all have a merry Christmas and remember the real
reason for the season. Love you guys!

Elder Chase Bowler
Salt Lake City West Mission