Monday, February 22, 2016

{14 months}

Good morning! So it's that time again... Transfers! This time, I will
be leaving my area and heading to West Valley, Utah which I've been
told is the Compton of Utah Valley so I should have a few more
interesting stories than I do now here in Taylorsville hahaha. Oh and
I also hit my 14 month mark this last week! 11 of those months has
been spent here in Taylorsville and the other 3 months was in
Granstville. It's gonna be way different leaving after being here for
so long but change is good! My new companion will be Elder Erdman and
I was in the same district as him when we were out in Tooele together
so we've been on a few exchanges and he's a pretty cool guy. He's a
real hard worker, he's more on the quiet side but he's like the same
height as me so we'll be like the shortest comps in the mission!!
Hahahaha and obviously the best looking too. Haha anyways... Elder
Ball will be staying here in this area and getting a new companion
named elder Keesling and I know both of them are great missionaries so
I'm not worried about the area too much. I'll sure miss it though.
This week has been a pretty slow week for teaching but we've gotten a
lot of referrals so elder ball will be just fine. Well, I'll have more
to write this next week! If you ever have questions or anything, just
send me an email! Love you guys!

{busy week}

Hey friends and family!! Sorry for writing this email so late! Been a
real busy day today. So this past week, we had a rough week and it
really tested our patience! We had 11 of our 15 appointments cancel on
us for just random reasons and there's nothing worse than planning on
having a lesson with someone and then they cancel... And then our
investigator with a baptismal date named raistlin ended up moving to
Maine over the weekend which was just unbelievable to us because like
who the heck even lives in Maine?!! It was just so crazy and it really
sucks because he was supposed to get baptized this coming Saturday so
it's a pretty big bummer /: just gotta keep working hard to find the
others who are being prepared! I've been in the area I'm in right now
for about 4 months now and transfers are coming up next Tuesday so
most likely I'll be getting transferred out to a new area and getting
a new companion but we'll see! I'll keep you guys updated on my photo
sharing on Saturday when we find out what's happening so keep posted!
Not too much happened from Wednesday to today so I'll keep it short!
Love you guys! (:

Monday, February 1, 2016

{times flyin}

February already... Can't believe it. So, I could come up with an
excuse as to why I didn't write a weekly email last week but I can't
think of a legit excuse haha sometimes a weekly email is just a long
process! Sorry about that. I'll do my best to not miss another week!
So this last week has been a pretty great week! We had a zone
conference all about working with our ward leadership and always
involving the members in our teaching and it was really good.
Definitely learned a lot of things I could improve on as a missionary.
So a little challenge for you guys reading this back home... Look for
opportunities to help out the missionaries. The most solid converts
I've had on my mission have come from member referrals and strong
fellowshipping from the member. Just think of it this way... You're in
a brand new place and you don't know very much about what's going on
and you're all alone and you don't know anyone. Kinda scary right?
Would it be a little easier with a friend there with you? Most likely.
That's how it is with our investigators. Most of us have all grown up
in the church and we know exactly what to expect but others have no
idea and they need a friend to be there to explain certain things and
to just be there for them as they make this huge change in their
lives. Fellowshipping is KEY. On Thursday of this last week, we moved
out of our old apartment into a new house more central to our area and
it is wayyyyy nicer. We have a full kitchen and living room and just
tons more space. Our last apartment was just one bedroom and a
bathroom and the landlord was real weird and it was just a real bad
situation so the mission decided it would be best for us to move out
to this new place and it has been GREAT! Our new landlords are an old
couple and the wife reminds me a lot of Nan because she is super nice
to everyone and super churchy! haha she's great. So funny story... We
were on exchanges last week with the district leader and I was with
him in my area and we stopped into the church building to get out of
the cold for a little bit and we needed to use the bathroom and then
I'm just washing my hands and he starts freaking out in his stall and
then the toilet freakin overflows and water gets everywhere. Hahahaha
And I'm just dying because there's water everywhere and he's freaking
out and he doesn't know what to do but luckily it went down and there
was a drain next to the toilet so it was fine but oh my... It was so
funny lol. Besides that, life is real good right now! We have 3
investigators at the moment. One should be on date next week but we'll
see how it goes! We're teaching about 10-12 lessons a week so I can't
complain! Today we're just going shopping because elder ball has to
get a new suit. We're going with a 19 year old guy who were trying to
get out on a mission! Wish us luck!! (: