Tuesday, July 28, 2015

{week 27}

Hello Everyone

TRANSFER WEEK!! So to my surprise, I am getting transferred once again as well as my companion elder Kelley. They are pink-washing us out which means they are taking both of us out and bringing 2 sister missionaries into the stake. It's weird because I was only here for 9 weeks so I really didn't even get to know anybody accept this one guy named Rick and his daughter is The girl we baptized a few weeks ago. He's pretty bummed out about us leaving the area just because sometimes were the only ones he can vent to and talk to and now we're leaving and sisters are coming in so he can't really do that anymore... It's sad to leave but not nearly as bad as my first move so it's not too bad. So guess where I'm headed!! Wellllll... I'm going to the Grantsville Utah stake which is about a 45 minute drive out here. It's in the middle of nowhere and we still don't have a car haha but from what I've heard from people, they say it's like small town Utah kinda like Texas so I'm pretty excited but pretty nervous too. My new companions name is Elder Brumbaugh so I'm guessing he's foreign so we'll see how it goes! Not much has happened this last week, the work has been pretty slow over here but the thing that sucks is that we just found a family of 6 who are from Iraq and they just started reading the B.O.M and they came to church yesterday! Like just our luck that we find a family of 6 that can all be baptized right as we leave \uD83D\uDD2B  not too much to write about this week but hey I love the emails! And I love all of you! Thank you for all the love and support (: 

Elder Bowler

Monday, July 13, 2015

{week 25}

Whazaaaappp friends and family! 

We had our first zone conference as the new west mission this last week. For those of you who don't know what's going on, as of July 1st I am in the Salt Lake City west mission. All the mission boundaries in Utah were re-drawn to make them more equal in boundaries. I have a brand new mission president and instead of just 3 zones , we have 9! And we have missionaries from 4 different Utah missions trying to come in and be one mission which is really tough because we all came from 4 different mission presidents so we all have different ways of doing missionary work but it's fun to get together and meet the other missionaries. I met a missionary from Bakersfield named elder Franco and I asked him if he knew the Galyan family and he said he knew Jill and Neil! Haha it was awesome. Maybe we will be able to be companions some day! Our new mission president is so much different than my other one... He focuses a lot more on loving the people and doing your best and just having a great mission rather than my other mission president who was all about numbers and chastising us all the time lol. In other news, our investigator Alex is progressing really well and she is being baptized this Saturday by her dad and I will be confirming her on Sunday which will be my first time confirming someone so I'm pretty nervous but I've gotta have courage like the stripling warriors in Alma Ch.56; Rely on the lord and everything will be alright! Then on Friday we had the chance to take Alex to temple square and it was awesome. The spirit is always so strong at temple square! The sisters who gave us the tour liked Alex so much that they asked us if they could come to her baptism and we didn't know that they could do that but of course we said yes! We're excited to have Alex's baptism this week and everything is coming together great! 

Love, Elder Bowler

{week 24}

Good afternoon ladies and gents! 

     Sorry for the letter so late. Interesting week this week haha so on Tuesday, we were 
tracking in some apartments like we usually do, and this guy answers and he's like
I'm Roman Catholic boys, don't bother and so we were like do we hear a accent? And he 
immediately smiled and was like haha yeah I'm from New York and we just started talking to him and then his wife pops out and is like don't talk to them honey, you know what your
mom told you about them, if you talk to them they will talk back and then she
slammed the door. And we were like what the heck, like we are
human beings, of course we're gonna talk back to you. Hahaha so many people
are scared of us and they hate us out here but it's whatever. We tried.
Then on Wednesday we were tracking again and this chick answers the door with
the most mad dog face I have ever seen and she opens and slams the door right
away and right before she answered, we were cracking jokes so we were both
smiling and she still slammed it! Then we went outside that building to go to
another one and we saw this lady sitting on her balcony so we waved and it was
that same lady, we just didn't realize it and she just flipped us off and
walked inside. So as you can tell, we've had a pretty interesting week haha.
But on other, better news; Alex is our on date investigator for July 18th
and she is so golden that we don't have to worry about her at all!
We're stoked to be able to go to temple square with her next week and to
get her baptized in 2 weeks! I also had the opportunity to meet the
new mission president and he is like night and day from president Moffat.
He is so kind and nice. We met him at a baptism and we went to say hi
and shake his hand and he's like "Nope, we hug around here" and he
gave both of us a big hug. It was great. I can tell the rest of my
mission is going to be great! If any of you young men out there are
questioning the decision to serve a mission, DO IT! If any of you knew
me before my mission, nobody thought I would serve a mission but I did
it and I don't regret it at all! Well I hope you guys have a great
week! Write me some letters! 4592 Balsam Avenue (: Love you guys!

Elder Bowler