Monday, November 30, 2015

{week 45 Happy Thanksgiving}

Lots of new news this week! So once agin, it's that time for
transfers... Can you believe it's already been 6 weeks?! Crazy. But
anyways, My comp Elder Jones is headed out to Tooele and I'll be
staying in the area (Bennion West) and getting a new companion named
elder Ball. So if you lost count, this will be my 10th companion. Lol
He's been out about 9 months so pretty close to me and I've heard
nothing but good things about him and he's from California so we're
gonna be best friends obviously haha. And we'll be elder bowler and
elder ball (Bowl 'n' Ball) hahahaha. It's gonna be a fun transfer! And
I will be hitting my year mark here in the next couple weeks so it'll
be HUMP DAYYYYYYYY! So anyways thanksgiving was freakin awesome. It
was an all day p-day for us but we couldn't email or nothing so we
just partied all day. We got up, went to the park to play some turkey
bowl but it turned out that nobody was there but luckily we brought a
soccer ball and there was some goals with nets so we played some
"hit-the-crossbar" and some soccer version of horse. And then we
called some youth and other missionaries to come out and play and we
ended up getting 12 people out there and we played 6v6 soccer and
football. It was super fun. We did that from about 9-1:30. Then after,
we rode home and ate a quick snack and showered and then we had one of
our families in the area come pick us up and they took us to their
thanksgiving dinner with all of their family. There was like 20 people
there. And just the way they did thanksgiving reminded me so much of
how my own family did thanksgiving so it was awesome for me! I loved
it. It consisted of eating, playing games (spoons, uno, war, and
another Australian game that one of the people taught us), and even a
little bit of football because they said they weren't gonna turn it
off so we couldn't do anything about it hahaha and then we came back
from their families house and hung out with that family until the rest
of the night. It was such a fun day to just relaxe and enjoy the
holiday! We also had our first snow this week and it's a love/hate
relationship with snow. I hate that it is so cold and that I have to
wear such big coats and stuff! But I love watching my companions crash
on their bikes in the snow hahahaha. So we were riding to one of our
appt's on Saturday and I was drifting in the snow on the way and just
having a good time and then my comp decided to try it and he thought
it would be a good idea to put on both brakes and slide so he did it
going pretty good speed and he totally ate it in the middle of the
road!!! Hahahaha I laughed for a good 5 minutes. He was just real
embarrassed about the whole thing and then asked me why I didn't crash
and I told him not to use the front brake hahaha. Oh man, that was the
highlight of the day. Life is going good! Oh and I had a baptism this
week out in Grantsville for a guy that I started teaching and put on
date while I was there and that was awesome to get to see him baptized
and I got to see some of my favorite people while I was out there!
We're teaching a lot more than when I first got to the area so we're
doing our best to pick it up. Patience and diligence is key with slow
areas. If you haven't joined my photo sharing, join it for more pics
throughout the week to see what I'm up to! Just send me your email if
you have an apple device! Love you guys. Thank you for all the love
and support!

Love, Elder Bowler

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