Monday, November 16, 2015

(week 42)


Well this was my first full week in my new area in the Bennion
Utah WestStake! This area is going kinda slow but elder jones and I
are workin our butts off to get more teaching going on here. I left
Grantsville with 7 progressing investigators which are all on date for
baptism now so that's my goal  in this stake. To get that much work to
keep us busy because when you're busy, time flies and it's much more
fun teaching rather than just knocking doors! We were
able to set several appointments this week so it's a start. Just gotta get them
to progress! On Tuesday of this week, I was on exchanges with Elder
Stevenson again because our companions do choir and we're both just
like screw that, let's go work so we go on exchanges every Tuesday and
Wednesday in my area and in his area which is my first area so I love
it. But anyways, this Tuesday we were in my area and I had no idea
what to do because I had just got into the area so we decided to try
to contact some former investigators but elder Stevenson forgot his
shoes with the Zone leaders so they asked us if they could
bring them to us so we went to the nearest church building which is about
a minute away in either direction because we're in Utah... Lol. But
anyways, we get the shoes and then head back to the apartment to drop
them off and we go walking back to contact some formers and then out
of nowhere this guy pops out of his garage and is like "Elders!! Are
you the missionaries for the bennion west stake?" and I said yes. And
he said he's been wanting to get in contact with us and he wanted a
priesthood blessing because he was going through a really tough time
in his life and I had the opportunity to give him that
blessing and then afterward he asked us if we could teach him the stop
smoking program and if we could start teaching him the discussions. He's
a less-active member of he church but he wants to get back into church
and quit smoking because he has a baby that is due on my birthday!! So
we are teaching him now! Such a crazy cool experience. The lord really
does have a plan for everything. If elder Stevenson hadn't forgot his
shoes, we never would have found him! THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES! Thank
you for all the love and support. Remember, if you want to see what
I'm up to I have an iCloud photo sharing album so just email me your
phone number or your Apple ID and I'll add you to the album! Oh and
most likely next week, I will be writing on Tuesday
because we have a temple trip which means p-day will be changed to Tuesday the
17th. What better way to spend your birthday as a missionary than having
a temple trip and p-day on your birthday. The only thing that would make
it better is some letters (or packages) from you guys! (;

5565 south 3580 west
Taylorsville, Utah 84129

 ~ Stay classy my friends.

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