Monday, November 30, 2015

{week 44}

It's been a great week this week! I got some crazy cool stories and
some crazy funny stories and just crazy stories haha. So this week on
Friday, we were able to finally find some new investigators!!! And one
of our other investigators started reading and he came to church so
he's progressing. Much better news this week than last week. Like I'm
not really a numbers guy, but I love having work to do and teaching
lessons rather than just knocking doors all day. Finding is just
really not that fun tbh.. So I'm pumped we have cool people to work
with now. Oh my gosh, this week during our 3rd sacrament meeting on
Sunday, the sacrament was coming around and they were passing around
the water and I grabbed a cup off the tray and then I dropped the cup
and it totally got everywhere on me and the floor. I'm pretty sure
everyone in the congregation saw... It was terrible. Hahahahaha then
later on in that sacrament, the choir was going up to sing and there
was this middle-aged woman who was going up the stairs and she just
totally ate it on the last step. She tripped and fell hard on the
stage. She got up fine and everything was okay but you could tell she
was really embarrassed so I think she beat me in the prize for most
embarrassing moment in sacrament meeting. What a crazy Sunday hahaha.
Then last night we had a mission musical fireside and our mission
created a mission choir and we use it to bring people together and to
get the to feel the spirit through music and they are always so good.
My companion is in the choir so I get to go to every fireside. It's
awesome! I Also had the opportunity to go back to the Tongan stake for
a baptism. I worked with the guy while I was there and we put him on
date for baptism while I was there and he went through with it! So
awesome. Oh and a few weeks ago, I was at my interview with my mission
president and after I was done, the mission secretary asked me to come
to his computer and he finalized my release date and so it's official
now that I will be coming home December 13th, 2016. So just a little
over a year left. Time is really flying by. It's crazy. Well, that's
all I have for this week. deuces!

Love, Elder Bowler

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