Tuesday, November 17, 2015

{week 43 Birthday Boii}

Afternoon friends and family. 

So p-day got changed to today and I had
the opportunity to go to the salt lake temple today! My 2nd favorite
temple. Luckily, I got the package that my mom sent me just in time to
take the names she threw in there. I got the chance to go through the
temple for one of my ancestors and provide that saving ordinance for
them because they never got the chance! Going through the temple for
someone related to you is so cool because
often times, you can feel their spirit there with you and just knowing that you
helped them to gain access to the highest degree of glory is truly amazing. And
what better way to spend your birthday as a missionary than at the temple?!
On a funnier note, there's a guy in my area named brother summers and
he is kind of a fashion guy but he is like 45 and he gives us rides
places when we need to get somewhere and this week we got into his car
and he knows I'm big into fashion because of my skinny ties and skinny
pants and everything slim fit and he was like "Elder bowler, ever
since you've been in this area, you've made me feel insecure about my
fashion and the way I dress because I'm always wondering
if you'll think it looks good or not so I got dressed early this morning to
make sure I matched and looked my best today." Hahahahahahahaha it's
always good to hear that you're making people look better for you! Me and
my comp just about died when he told us that. It's been an awesome
birthday so far and I'm so thankful for all of the birthday wishes.
You guys are honestly the best! Not too much to write this week... If
you ever have questions for me about anything, just shoot me an email.
I love to hear from you guys!

Love Elder Bowler

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