Wednesday, May 27, 2015

{week 18, transfers}

Good day mates! 

So this week has been pretty good! So first things first, (I'm the realist) haha jk, jk. But I just got called last night and I am being transferred for the first time! I am going to the
Taylorsville North Stake.  Unfortunately Elder Gilman and I are being separated and my newcompanion will be Elder Kelly! Yes, I'm gonna miss this area and the people here like crazy
but the lord has other plans in store for me in this new area! So on Wednesday, we got the
opportunity to attend the Salt Lake City Temple!  It was awesome to get to go there as a 
mission. The live session was a little different (I prefer the video) but it was still an awesome 
experience. The Salt Lake Temple is beautiful inside! I can cross that off my bucket list ✔️ 
haha. This Friday at dodgeball, we had a really great turn out and had about 35 people
there and they all stayed for the lesson! It was great. We taught about keeping the sabbath day holy! It was kinda sad to say goodbye to everyone there because I kinda knew I would 
be getting transferred. All the teenagers were disappointed to see me go but it's a new start,more people to help! Today after p-day is over at 6pm, I am going to several members to 
say goodbye and tell them I'm being transferred. I really loved this area and the people in it.
I'll always remember it for Sure! On Sunday, we gave talks in sacrament at a missionary 
homecoming and I talked about "No effort is wasted". Basically it was a talk telling the 
members that if you talk to a friend, or offer service to a less-active or non-member, your 
effort is not wasted! Heavenly Father knows the desires of our hearts and being generous to one of his children could plant that seed for them to take the missionary discussions. I 
challenge you all to look for opportunities to serve those around you and just show them
kindness and charity and who knows what could happen! (Mosiah 2:17). I shared the story 
of Rick in my talk and how he had been less-active for over 5 years and how all we did was stop by his house occasionally and offer service and just be someone he could talk to and 
Rick is now fully active in the church and doing better than I've ever seen him before! The 
new mission is starting In just 5 weeks and word on the street is that my mission will be 
going to the 4 surrounding missions.  Im excited because the next mission will be the 
majority of my mission so I'm excited to see where I'll be going! I love you guys and I thank 
you so much for all the letters of support out here! You guys are great!

Love, Elder Chase Bowler

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