Tuesday, May 5, 2015

{week 15}

Good morning family and friends! 

This week has been another pretty solid week. Our on-date investigator was at church with us again this week and he will be baptized this Saturday at a stake center outside of our mission! This is a pretty big deal because our mission president doesn't hardly ever give permission to anyone to leave the mission but he did for us! The reason this kid wants to be baptized outside our mission in another stake center is because his mom, uncle, aunts, grandma, and grandpa were all baptized in that building so they wanted it to be special and our mission president agreed to it! His name is Devon and he is 10 years old. (I'll send pics next week) So this week was pretty good! We had better numbers than we have had in a long time this week! The work is definitely picking up since elder Gilman and I got put together! I had an amazing experience this last fast Sunday. So fast Sunday's are usually so hard for me because as missionaries we don't eat dinner on Sunday's until 5pm so I actually was fasting for 24 hours. I prayed for specific blessings and I got specific answers! I fasted that we could find a family to teach and bring to church and on Monday we were riding our bikes around and I saw an old house me and elder Barnes used to go to but they told us they weren't really into it at the moment and that they would call us if anything changed but anyways we rode past that house and something (The spirit) prompted me to go back to the house and talk to them and we had a great meeting! They told us they had been going through some rough times and they think the church is exactly what they need. The mom and dad are members but have been less-active for years! The dad told us that he had been having trouble with smoking so we told him about the stop-smoking program and he was so excited to hear about it. He started crying and so did his wife because she has wanted him to quit for years! We found out that they have 2 unbaptized kids that they want us to teach the lessons too! We set up 2 different return appointments with them and that's all because I followed he prompting of the spirit and I found that family that I had fasted to find! Crazy testimony builder! I've also been having such great studies each morning as well! 2 hours just isn't enough time!! Preach my gospel and the scriptures help me so much with my testimony and teaching! I love both! I can't wait for Mother's Day coming up this Sunday! I love and miss you guys a ton! Keep doing what you're doing and reading the scriptures! (1 Nephi 13:37) Keep writing and sending pictures (:

Love, Elder Bowler

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