Monday, June 27, 2016

{good week!}

Good morning! What a week this week! Last week's letter was kind of
boring but I promised this week would be better and it really was! So
this last Wednesday, we had a lesson with a family of investigators
that I had only met once but the elders in this area had been teaching
them on and off for a while... Anyways, they have 2 teenage kids (Boy
and Girl) who do not get along very well and just have been having
some personal struggles lately. So I was kind of nervous going in to
teach them and Elder Vizzini didn't really know what to teach them
because they had been taught for a while but just weren't really
progressing but we went in anyways and we let the spirit guide. We
went in and we talked for a bit with the parents and then the two
teenagers came in a little later and we kind of directed the lesson to
be about families and why family is so important even though it can be
challenging at times. And we had each of them say one nice thing about
eachother as a family and my companion and I did the same and it went
SUPER well!! After the lesson, the teenage boy had told us he really
liked to ride scooters so I told him I used to ride and so we went
outside and I did a few tricks with him and he thought that was the
coolest thing ever that a missionary knew how to do tricks on a
scooter hahaha. I even tore up my shoes on the heel a bit from the
wheel with no brake because of it but it was worth it to just get him
to be comfortable with us! Then we left and the mom texted us the next
morning with this text "Thank you guys so much for coming to our home
and focusing so much on our kids. It's like you guys knew exactly what
to say. After you left, they continued to get along and our son even
said that he was really starting to like the missionaries! I know that
we are kind of slow with all this but thank you for not giving up on
us. I wish you guys could stay and teach us forever." We called it the
miracle of the transfer. It's experiences like this that make being on
a mission so worth it! We are so pumped to see where things go from
here! Hopefully a baptismal date will be coming up soon for the family
but we'll see! I'll keep you guys posted!

Another cool thing we did this week was play some baseball with
another one of our investigators who is a teenager. We had a home run
derby win 5 of us. Elder Vizzini, me, Brighton (Investigator), his
dad, and his cousin. It was so fun to play some baseball again after
so long. It went really well and Brighton was really able to see that
we aren't just here to teach him and get him baptized but that we care
about him and we like to have fun! We have a lesson with him next week
and I'll also keep you guys posted on that!

Me and my comp are still getting along really well. Sometimes he gets
mad at me because I tease him so much but he knows it's all fun and
games. Oh my gosh... The other night, we were at our apartment and it
was about 10pm and we are sitting at our desks just talking and
winding down a bit and then my companion sees a huge spider on the
floor and he starts freaking out! And he was like screaming and
telling me to go kill it so I did but I made him clean it up because
he saw it first and so he did and as he was going to the trash can to
throw it away, I just kinda yelled a little bit and he freaked out and
threw the spider remains in the air and screamed and I was just
sitting there dyingggggggggggggg Hahahaha!!! I thought of Pops when
this was all happening lol.

The work out here in Tooele valley is the best. I love it so much.
Transfers are coming up next week so I'll keep you guys posted on my
photo sharing as to what is happening! The gospel is true! Love you

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