Monday, June 13, 2016


Good morning friends and family! Can you believe we're already in
mid-June?! Time is really flying by out here. So I just had to start
out my email with saying sorry for not writing a weekly email the last
few weeks. Life is busy out here and emailing isn't really on the top
list of priorities but I promise I'll get better!! So I have been out
in Stansbury, Utah for the past 3 weeks and man it has been so fun!
It's about 10 miles from Grantsville and reminds me so much of Texas!
The people here are so legit and very willing to let us in and talk to
us. Plus, there is a bunch of cool families that I've met that are way
cool as well. The work out here is pretty good as well but we're kinda
in a slow spot right now but we've been getting a lot of referrals
from members so it will be picking up soon! I also found out that a
kid I taught about 6 months ago in Taylorsville is getting baptized in
the next few weeks and that's so great to hear that him and his family
are doing well. And I also met one of my ward mission leaders who used
to live in Harriet Creek. Weve been talking about Justin every time we
meet! Oh man, another thing I love about serving in Stansbury is that
there is a golf course in our area boundaries and the best part about
it is that ITS FREE FOR MISSIONARIES!! So for those of you that
thought you would be able to finally beat me in golf when I got home
(Dad, pops, Tad, Cody, Jake... Think again!! Hahaha in other news, my
companion and I are doing really well. We were in the MTC together so
it's just been like hanging out with a friend. We're both really
different in personality and what we like to do but we still have a
ton of fun together. He is a great singer.. Like I'm not even
exaggerating. People call him the David Archuleta of South Africa in
this area! Haha it's been a fun first few weeks together. Something
cool that stuck out to me this week was in Sacrament yesterday.. We
were attending the YSA Ward and this sister had just gotten back from
her mission and she was from Wyoming but was in Utah for an internship
in something in the Medical field but she gave this story about
herself how one day she was walking through Target and she was just
thinking about he church and the gospel and she was just thinking like
"is it really true?" And as she was thinking this, she thought "well
the gospel makes me happy and I love the idea of having a father in
heaven who loves me and I love the belief of life after death" she
talked previously about how she had never had a crazy spiritual
experience that the church was true without a doubt but she knew the
Gospel made her happy. And I just really appreciated that because
that's all we have to do... We don't have to know the church is true
without a doubt, we just need to have the faith and believe it can
make us happy and bless our lives. So take a look back and ask
yourself, "does the gospel make me happy?" If you get the answer that
it does, that is your testimony that the gospel is true. "All that is
good is of God and nothing evil cometh from the lord" (Omni 1:25).
Love and miss you guys a ton! (:

Elder Bowler

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