Monday, July 18, 2016

{19 months}

Good morning from sunny Grantsville, Utah! Sorry for not writing the
past few weeks... Here's a few things that have been going on
recently! So for those of you not following my photo sharing account,
I have been transferred back to my favorite area called Grantsville.
It is in Tooele County and the town population is about 10,000 people.
So it's a pretty small town with lots of alfalfa fields and lots of
farm animals everywhere and I love it out here!! The work is going so
well. These last few weeks, we've been able to put 3 new people on
date for baptism and next week, we should have 4 on date for baptism!
It's been so great to catch up with the people I worked with the last
time I was here and they're all doing so good! Some of them have
fallen off the path a little bit and lost track of the goal but I
think that's why I've been sent back... To help those people I worked
with before and have those relationships with already!
In other news, my companion and I are doing really well. His name is
Elder Case and he is 6 foot 9 and from Spanish Fork, Utah. He is here
on a trial mission which is basically a 3 month mission not too far
from home to see if he can handle the stress and difficulty of a 2
year mission and he is doing so awesome! He will be getting his new
mission call in the middle of August so I'll be able to be with him
when he gets his new mission call which is sweet. I'm hoping for the
Fort Worth, Texas mission so I can come visit him on his mission!
Haha. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to help train him
and to help him prepare for his new mission!
Some funnier stuff that happened these last few weeks... We went to
knock on a door and they had this fancy doorbell that talked to us
when we knocked through the guys phone! The people weren't home so
they told us to come back later on so we could chat with them. And
then we had a dinner appointment with a young couple and we were doing
a little BBQ in the back yard and I see this super nice scooter and so
I asked the dad about it and he said he still liked to ride scooters
and do tricks on it and he is like 28! I thought it was super cool to
see a grown man that still rides scooters so we did a few tricks and
showed eachother our stuff hahaha
So, I wanted to extend a little invitation to my family back home and
anyone else who wants to join in... On July 28th, that marks 138 days
left on my mission so I'd like to challenge up you guys to read 1
section a day from D&C as a countdown to the end of my mission! Let me
know what you guys think and who is in for the challenge! Thank you
for all the support you guys have given me throughout my mission. 19
months down, 5 to go! Love you guys! (:

Elder Chase Bowler
Salt Lake City West Mission

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