Monday, June 20, 2016

{18 months}

Happy 18 months!! Crazy to think I'm 3/4 of the way there! It's really
been flying by these last few months! So something cool that happened
this last week... So my comp was asked by a guy in his old area to
participate in a musical fireside on the east side of salt lake and
the family we went with took us to Nielsen's afterwards and for some
reason, it looked super familiar... And then I realized that we had
gone there when we used to go on vacation to St. George!! Haha and
then after that, they were like, "well since we're up here, may as
well go see President Hinckley's and President Monson's house!!" So we
got to go and see both of their houses and man, you wouldn't think
that a prophet lived at either of the houses! They're just humble
little houses which I thought was kinda cool to realize they just
lived in normal neighborhoods even though they are such high up people
so that was pretty cool! Besides that, the work is going good in the
area... We had a few people that we were teaching move away which
really freakin sucks but we know things will all work out! Tonight
I'll be burning some pants for the 18 month mark. I'll put a video up
on my photo sharing! Love you guys and thank you for all the love and

Elder Bowler

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