Monday, September 14, 2015

{week 34 Miracles!!!}


This week has been an awesome week! So to start off, Elder Brumbaugh
got transferred out of the area and I am now with my 6th companion and
he is a greenie. He's been out just over 3 months and he is as green
as they come hahaha but we still have a ton of fun and I'm doing my
best to help him work hard and have fun. So last week, me and elder
Brumbaugh went to one of our favorite members house so elder Brumbaugh
could say bye and tell them he was leaving. And we went over there and
we got to be really good friends with some of their kids and their
daughter came up to us and told us that she needed to talk to us.
She's about Chloe's age... She told us about all her struggles and
challenges in her life and I'm not gonna say because they were pretty 
personal to her but this girl has gone through more than any teenager
I have ever met. And she came to us and said that she was on the brink
of choosing to stay in the gospel or not because she wasn't sure if it
was true because of all things she had been through in her life. So we
asked her if she had read the Book of Mormon and she told us she
hadn't so we told her to read 3 Nephi and Mark scriptures that stuck
out to her and we bore testimony and then we left. Afterwards, elder
Brumbaugh and I just didn't feel like we said what we needed to
because she didn't seem too thrilled about it but we said a prayer
and went on with our p-day. Later that night, we came back and she opened
the door and she had the biggest smile on her face. We were so
surprised but she told us she read like 15 chapters and her day just
went great and the thing that stuck out to her the most was prayer and
it turns out that 3 Nephi talks a lot about prayer and me and elder
Brumbaugh had no idea it was all about prayer, we just knew 3 Nephi is
when Christ came and she told us she didn't want to pray but she did
it anyway and she had the greatest experience. It was such a huge
testimony builder to me about studying the scriptures and how they
do give us guidance in our lives. She is now happier than ever and doing
so great! Definitely One of the best/coolest/most spiritual moments on
my mission. So as of today, Elder Blatter and I have 2 people on date
for baptism with 1 soon to be. We're doin work and having fun! Life is
good. If any of you are having a tough time back home, I promise that
Heavenly Father will help you if you come to him with a sincere heart
and pray for help. I've seen it so many times with myself and so many
times with others. Love you guys! Keep writing. 

I love the weekly emails (:

Love Elder Bowler

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