Tuesday, September 1, 2015

{week 31}

Really good week this week! Not much of anything new really though... Just doing the same old, same old! Teaching, baptizing, saving souls, and enjoying every minute of it!! Haha so this week, as a mission we had a "Mission tour" which is basically a hype up meeting to get us going on missionary work. We had elder Ringwood from the first chorum of the 70 come and talk to us which was crazy because he spoke at the last general conference!! And then we had an area 70 named Elder Keech come as well. It was an awesome meeting. Then on Wednesday, Elder Brumbaugh was sick all night with the Flu so we had to stay in which is never fun because there's really not much to do as a missionary but a day with a nap isn't too bad every once in a while. Haha So the Sturgills are still progressing really well and they are getting baptized this weekend! I'm excited for them. The area is doing really great right now. There is so much potential here and so many people that could be ready to be baptized if they would just commit! It's hard knowing that the gospel can change these people's lives and they won't even take the steps to get there. But we've gotta be patient and everyone does have their agency. I've realized how important agency is on my mission because we have to let people choose for themselves because if we do everything for them, they won't truly have a testimony and they will most likely fall away when things get tough. Agency is crucial to proving our way back to our father in heaven. Then on Saturday of this past week, we had exchanges with another companionship in the district because elder Brumbaugh is the district leader so he has to go on exchanges with each companionship in the district. I went with Elder Blaylock in his area and it was an awesome day! Elder Blaylock goes home in like 2 weeks so he is pretty ready to go home but it was still a cool day! I met a lot of awesome people over in that area so hopefully someday, I'll be able to serve over there! I love it out here in Grantsville and I love my mission! If any of you young men out there who are reading this letter are questioning about going on a mission... DO IT! It's the best thing you could be doing in your life! I love you guys and hope you're all doing well (: 

Love Elder Bowler

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