Monday, July 25, 2016


Happy Pioneer weekend! So not too much has happened this last week but
here's a few cool things from the week! So the church has this deal
they do with the cars they supply us where they sell the cars when
they reach 50,000 miles or close to it so our last car reached that
limit so the missionary over the cars gave us a call and told us we
needed to come in and switch our car for a new one because the church
was gonna sell our old one. So we go in to the office to pick it up
and it is a Toyota Corolla. So we move all our stuff over to the new
one and drive back out to Grantsville and Elder Case was having
trouble fitting in it because it's a really small car and he is 6'9"
so we called the office and asked if we could get a bigger car for
elder case so they said yes and told us to switch with another set of
missionaries in Tooele so we ended up getting a Chevy Equinox that is
baby Blue and totally looks like a soccer mom car hahahaha! People are
always like "dang missionaries are allowed to have an SUV?! Its pretty
funny but it's definitely better for Elder Case so it all works out.
In other news, this last week on Friday night, we got a call from one
of the members in one of our wards telling us that they had been
working with a lady who was their next door neighbor for a while and
that she was ready to take the missionary lessons and that they had
set up an appointment with her for us to come and teach the next day
at 1pm. And we were just like so pumped because these members had done
all of the work in preparing this lady and all we had to do was show
up and teach and that was just so awesome to hear. Such great members!
So anyways, we went to the appointment the next day and her name was
Tippi and she is about 65 years old and is from Kentucky so she has a
heavy southern accent! Haha she is awesome. She was raised Catholic
but didn't agree with what they were teaching so she decided to
explore other religions and for some reason, she was lead to Utah to
live with her son. And these members that set up the appointment are
so cool. They have really been great friends with her and one day they
were just prompted to ask her if she would take the lessons and she
said yes!! We taught the restoration and focused on answering her
questions and it went so good!! She's doing awesome!
Well, that's all for today folks!

Elder Bowler]

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