Monday, August 22, 2016

{20 months}

Good Morning friends and family! 

Again, I'm sorry for it being a few
weeks since I've last written to the group. This week has been a
little crazy... So, last Saturday I got the news that I was gonna be
training again and that my new comp would be coming fresh out of the
MTC on Tuesday and his name was elder Trout. So I got him on Tuesday
and he is from Salem, Oregon! He is a basketball player and a tech guy
and he likes to build robots! He is doing really well for being out
only a week. Man, training has been a lot of fun but it is definitely
not easy. It brings back so many memories of me when I was in training
and just being so nervous and not really knowing what I was doing but
I'm definitely trying to be a good trainer for elder trout because I
know what it's like to have a not so good trainer and a good trainer
and the difference is crazy! But overall, we are doing really well and
having a lot of fun! Another thing that has made this transfer
difficult is that we just took in another whole stake so now, we cover
17 wards and that takes in all of Grantsville which is about 10,000
people! It's crazyyyyyy but everything will work out!
In other news, we had a baptism this last week! Trinity Gerritsen who
has been being taught by us for the last 6 weeks got baptized! It was
a really cool baptism because her parents got up during the time that
she was getting changed and they bore their testimony about the gospel
and it was really cool because they are pretty less-active in church
and stuff but they got up and shared that they do have a testimony. It
was pretty cool.
The work is still going really well! We have 5 people on date for
baptism within the next 5 weeks so we are still staying really busy
which is so much better than just going out and knocking doors.
On a funnier note, since my companion is brand new fresh out of the
MTC, I play a lot of jokes on him. Heres an example... So we were out
knocking doors one day and we see a plane go over us and I'm like hey
man, how far do you think that plane is..? And he said ehhh about
30,000 feet and I shook my head and said nope, 2 years. Hahahaha it
was classic. Got em good!! 😂
But anyways, not too much to write, life is good!!!

Elder Bowler

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