Monday, March 28, 2016

{Happy Easter}

HAPPY EASTER!!! Since being on a mission, I've really come to
appreciate the true meaning behind holidays and just to appreciate
Christ and what he did for us more and more. As we know on this day
2,000+ years ago, Christ rose from the grave and made it possible for
all of us to be resurrected and get our bodies back in a perfect
state. I've got this picture of Jesus above my study desk that I like
so much. It's my favorite picture of him that I've ever seen. The look
on his face just shows this love and this compassion that just sticks
out to me more than any other picture of him I've seen. Because that
is how I picture our savior looking down upon us as he watches down on
us and that's how I believe he will be when we see him again. His arms
are always open and extended towards us inviting us to follow him!
Anyways... This week has been great. Well, mostly... So we had 21
appointments set up at the beginning of this week and we were pumped
because we were gonna have such a good week but it turns out that 10
of them cancelled.. Roughhh. But you gotta remember that everyone has
their free choice and we can't change that so no reason to get upset
over something you can't control! And the lessons we were able to
teach this week went great! As for investigators... We're not doing
too great. We have a few but they just don't come to church but our
work with less-actives is going great!! We have a bunch were working
with to get re-activated. It's not all about baptisms. Heavenly Father
loves all his children. His arms are extended to all! Oh and something
that brought back some memories this week... We went to Costco with a
member to grab some pizza for lunch because it's such a good price and
while we were there, I just remember going on Costco trips with my
parents and my dad would just have to touch everything and then
breaking candy in the bags just to do it and then mom just looking and
shaking her head laughing. Hahahaha man I love my parents! And since
we had so many appointments cancel this week, we ended up having to
walk so freakin much because our area is pretty big so we calculated
it up and we probably walked around 50+ miles this week which results
in a tired freakin missionary hahaha. Well that's all for this week!
Love and miss you guys!!

Elder Bowler

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