Monday, March 21, 2016

{15 months}

Week 4 here in the kingdom of West Valley! Hahaa So to start off,
crazy thing that happened this week... So we had decided to go down to
Temple square and the family history library with one of our recent
converts to teach him about family history and getting him involved in
it. So anyways, we get there and he forgets his temple recommend in
the car so we had to go out and get it and on your way back, we were
walking by the conference center and I hear someone yell "Oh my gosh,
CHASE!!" and I turn and see Emily Lambert!! She was a girl I knew
pretty well back in California. Hahaha it was crazyyy!! Turns out
she's engaged! It was crazy cool to see her. The rest of the week has
been pretty good! We are struggling to find new investigators but we
are finding a ton of new less actives to work with every week so it's
cool that we have some people to teach. Oh and this week after p-day
was over, I started to feel like I was getting real sick so I told my
companion I needed to go in early and then I fell asleep at 10 and
then didn't wake up until 4 in the afternoon the next day. And I felt
like crap so we ended up staying in again and then we also stayed in
on Wednesday too... It freakin sucked because as a missionary, we
can't hardly do anything when we're inside and I hardly ever get sick
so that sucked too. Life is good out here. Can't complain!

Elder Bowler

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