Monday, January 18, 2016

{i hate snow}

Good morning!!! 

So for the past like month or so, there has been snow
on the ground 24/7. Like every time it gets close to melting, we have
another snow storm and I freakin hate it! Hahaha I miss having a 60°
Christmas where you can go play golf for free after you finish opening
up presents! Luckily, I have some snow gear which will be pointless
when I get home hahaha. But anyways, this week has been a pretty good
week overall. We had a lot of lessons cancel on us this week which was
rough but we also had some really good lessons so it was all good! I
hit my 11 months left this coming week which is crazyyyy. We had a
lesson with a less-active lady that we've been working with for a few
weeks and some of the ward members came with us to the lesson and we
talked a lot about faith and after we had left, I was just thinking
how crazy it is that we as missionaries can meet someone and then like
a few weeks later, we can become super close with them and become
lifelong friends. Just from a few visits with them. I've gotten closer
to more people out here from being in areas a few months than I did
when I was in Texas for like a year and a half which is crazy but I
love it out here. Sometimes, I'll just look down at my name tag and
think to myself like wow I can't believe I'm here. Before my mission,
nobody (including myself) thought I would come out on a mission. Even
when I left, there was some kids in the ward that just thought I
stopped coming to church! Hahaha I was never really a church person
and I just didn't have it on my mind but that is the magic of the
gospel. It can change who we are and make us into the person that were
meant to be. I've made so many close friends and I've had experiences
that I know I was meant to be here for because I was able to connect
to people that needed my testimony. I know I was sent out here to Utah
for a reason and I know that there are no accidents with who is put
into our lives and the things that happen in our lives. So that's my
challenge to you guys. Look for opportunities to be a light to those
around you. Because if it wasn't for Jake Frandsen and my family I
wouldn't be on a mission or where I am today. You never know the
effect you have on people and you never know who's watching you. I've
realized that a ton on my mission. Most of the people we teach are
interested because of a friend or because they saw that people in our
church are just happy people or they saw the missionaries and saw how
happy they were so they wanted to know what they had! Always be an
Love, Elder Bowler

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