Monday, January 4, 2016

{Hump Day}

This week has been real good! So for those of you who aren't on my
photo sharing, I hit my half way point! So as missionaries, it's a
tradition to burn something at every 6 month mark throughout your
mission... 6 months is a tie, 12 months is a shirt, 18 months is
pants, and 24 months is a suit. So I burned my shirt last night and it
was freakin legit! It's crazy to think that I've been out a year
already. Time is really flying by and it's only down hill from here.
This last year has been full of good and bad but I definitely wouldn't
trade it for nothin. I remember at the beginning of my mission, I
honestly thought that I was never gonna make it to the end. I thought
I was either going to just die out here or that I would end up just
going home (Dramatic) hahaha. And I did come close to going home but
there was always something that was just saying "stick it out a little
longer and I promise it gets better." So I did and it has been totally
worth it. I've grown so much in the last year. Unfortunately, not in
height but in my testimony and just growing up. I've really learned
how to be a hard worker and to love people. It's the best 2 years for
your life. So anyway, we finally got someone on date for baptism!! His
name is Raistlin Yadeski and he is 10 years old and his family asked
us to teach him and his parents are less-active just because they work
on Sunday's but they want him to grow up with a church background, and
an understanding of God and Jesus Christ so we started teaching him
and he is on date for the 30th of January!! We're super pumped to be
teaching him! So on Saturday, we went out to cafe rio with one of our
former bishops in the area and the Utah vs BYU game was on and he is a
bug Utes fan. (I've decided if I'm gonna have a Utah team, it's gonna
be the Utes. Not a huge fan of BYU haha) but anyways, during the
dinner he started to bash on Texas and if you know me, you know I'm
not one to back down from a good little bash hahaha so I started
telling him about Utah and it was all fun and games and we laughed
about it but Texas definitely beats Utah.. Duh. Well, life is good out
here! I love the emails and photos. You guys are great. Have a very
merry Christmas and always remember the reason for the season!

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