Monday, August 3, 2015

{week 28}

Week 1 in Grantsville, Utah and 7 months out in the mission field! Crazy. Almost 1/3 of the way there! But anyways, here's some news about the area. My companion is Elder Brumbaugh and he is from West Texas and we get along great. We're pretty much like best friends already which is awesome. We have a ton of fun every day and we get a ton of work done too. I love it out here in Grantsville too because it's like small town country and the people out here are so nice and welcoming! Our area is so much bigger than any of my areas back in Taylorsville which I love and we cover 9 wards out here which is crazy. A few of the wards out here remind me a ton of the Justin Ward back home just because there's a ton of youth and the building is built the same as the one in Texas. This week on the first full day I was here, we taught 5 lessons and we put 3 people on date for baptism! Grantsville was originally part of the salt lake mission so I don't know anyone out here but they're all super cool guys and it's just crazy how much differently they do missionary work compared to how my last mission president made us do it. They prayerfully select baptism dates and make sure they're progressing before they put hem on date for baptism which I like better than just putting everyone on date and then they just go less-active after we baptize them. It's great to be out here. So on Saturday, we went over to this referral we've been trying to contact for a while and they were finally home so we went in and talked to them and they were building a BBQ so we went out and helped them and then they said they had to go talk to someone real quick so we just stayed out there building the BBQ and they were gone for like 45 minutes and we built that whole freakin BBQ and then they came back and were like "wow guys, thank you for building our BBQ but we're not really interested in coming to church" like dang we were so bummed out because we thought for sure he was interested but it's all good haha. It's been an awesome week! Love you guys

Elder Bowler

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