Monday, August 10, 2015

{week 29}

My life be like... So this week was another good week out here. I had the first opportunity this week to go on splits with some priests in one of the Wards and it was great! I went out with a kid named McKay and he just turned 16 and he is a pretty shy kid and he is 6"3 and he can dunk!! It was super cool because I got him to open up and talk about the gospel and you could tell how much fun he had that night. He's gonna be a great missionary someday. He's already got plans to go right after high school! Such a cool kid and such a cool experience. I wish I would have gone on more splits with missionaries before I left! Also this week, we had the baptism of brother Beech. I only got the chance to teach him twice but he is a super awesome guy and I'm happy I was able to see his baptism! He was confirmed by a patriarch and it was one of the coolest blessings I've heard! It was a great Sunday. Elder Brumbaugh and I have been having so much fun together and he's an awesome missionary and he is really teaching me a ton! I've truly learned how important it is out here to get along with and love your companion because when you do, teaching is so much better and the members love you and when the members love you, that equals more referrals which results in more people to teach which results in more baptisms and re-activations!! It's a complicated cycle but trust me, it works! (; haha. This morning we are going to the Jordan river temple for an 8am session so that's why I am writing this so early to you guys! What better way to start off your day than a session at the temple?! I love getting your emails every week! If there's ever anything that you guys have questions about anything, just shoot me a quick email and I'd love to answer any questions you have! Love you guys (: 

Elder Bowler

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