Tuesday, July 28, 2015

{week 27}

Hello Everyone

TRANSFER WEEK!! So to my surprise, I am getting transferred once again as well as my companion elder Kelley. They are pink-washing us out which means they are taking both of us out and bringing 2 sister missionaries into the stake. It's weird because I was only here for 9 weeks so I really didn't even get to know anybody accept this one guy named Rick and his daughter is The girl we baptized a few weeks ago. He's pretty bummed out about us leaving the area just because sometimes were the only ones he can vent to and talk to and now we're leaving and sisters are coming in so he can't really do that anymore... It's sad to leave but not nearly as bad as my first move so it's not too bad. So guess where I'm headed!! Wellllll... I'm going to the Grantsville Utah stake which is about a 45 minute drive out here. It's in the middle of nowhere and we still don't have a car haha but from what I've heard from people, they say it's like small town Utah kinda like Texas so I'm pretty excited but pretty nervous too. My new companions name is Elder Brumbaugh so I'm guessing he's foreign so we'll see how it goes! Not much has happened this last week, the work has been pretty slow over here but the thing that sucks is that we just found a family of 6 who are from Iraq and they just started reading the B.O.M and they came to church yesterday! Like just our luck that we find a family of 6 that can all be baptized right as we leave \uD83D\uDD2B  not too much to write about this week but hey I love the emails! And I love all of you! Thank you for all the love and support (: 

Elder Bowler

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