Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{week 7}

Much better week this week than last week! Ive found out that ive just got to have fun with everything. I've gotta keep busy and not let my companion determine how i feel and act. Yes, he is still super tough to get along with and yes I want to punch him most of the time but I'm learning how to be independent and make the most out of a tough situation. Prayer is still playing the key role in me getting through this whole thing. Realizing that my investigators come before myself has really helped as well. We have another 9 year old boy being baptized this saturday and we asked him who he wants to baptize him because his dad is a non-member but his grandpa could baptize him so we thought that is what he would say but he told me he wanted me to do it and he said he already talked to his mom and grandpa about it and they said it would be just fine. The mom and dad really like me and so does he. His name is Hayden and he loves to play sports; especially soccer and basketball which is great because whenever we finish a lesson up with him, we go play basketball down at the church because its so close! Brother and sister bingham are still being like my mission grandparents/parents. They are seriously so awesome. We go over to their house usually about 2 times a week or so and play a board game called aggravation. Brother bingham loves playing with us and he loves having me over. Turns out that they have a grandson whose name is also chase! hahaha She said me and him would get along great if we met. on wednesday of last week, brother bingham knew i was having a tough time being with elder barnes another transfer so when he dropped us off after giving us a ride, he waited for elder barnes to get out and told me to stay in for a sec. He told me to just make the best out of everything and dont take any s***. i didnt expect him to say that but it worked! Ive been working on being exactly obedient and it is really paying off! So much blessings. My comp however doesnt like to get up on time but im working on him! We have some pretty good potentials and hopefully more people to baptize! Ill keep ya posted! My talk on sunday went surprisingly well! A ton of members from the ward came up to me afterwards and said it was a great talk! I was super relived it was good because i was super nervous. The people in the wards really love my personality too. Ive made quite a few friends out here! One older lady came up to me after sacrament and she told me i gave a great talk and she said "Aw elder Bowler, you looked so cute up there. Aw so handsome elder bowler." Shes a 55 year old spanish lady. Shes super nice and funny! Good week this week! Keep up the book of mormon reading! im in alma 14! Tell all the kids i love them and give them lots of love! Love, Elder Chase Bowler

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