Tuesday, March 31, 2015

{week 10}

Good afternoon friends and family! This week has been a pretty great
week for the most part! So we got iPads on wednesday and i love it! We
get to read emails from home every single day but we can only respond
on Tuesdays. There is some really great and helpful stuff we can do on
LDS library as well. We now have access to so many mormon messages.
Its so great and it really helps the work progress! There is an app we
have that has a interactive pamphlet for each of the 5 Lessons we
teach with videos and paragraphs really explaining what everything is
and we just summarize those. I don't have to carry around scriptures
anymore either! Just my ipad and a few copies of the book of mormon to
hand out. Another cool thing is that I can save all the pictures you
guys send to me straight on to my ipad so send tons of pics! I love to
see them and look at them during the week and the members love seeing
pics of my family too! They think piper is the cutest baby ever. Most
of my pics on here are of piper and syd hahaha. On wednesday of last
week, we had exchanges with the zone leaders which i thought was
really going to be rough but it was the exact opposite! I had a great
day with Elder Nielson and he really taught me a lot! He told me I
would baptize a lot on my mission because I'm so good with people and
I'm always in a good mood. That was great to hear from someone in
leadership! He also said that I have been handling the whole situation
with elder Barnes great and he also had him as a companion so he knows
what it's like haha. Some funny stuff that happened this week... The
sister missionaries in our district thought it would be funny to play
a joke on elder Barnes so they took our helmets and left theirs for us
to wear. Elder Barnes was so mad oh my gosh seriously so funny. I'm
pretty sure he also used my toothbrush this week... Awkward. I used my
new one instead haha. We finally found a new investigator!!! Her name
is Jessica and she is 18! She isn't on date for baptism yet but
that'll be coming soon! That night when we found Jessica, we came back
to the apartment and Elder Barnes told me "This transfer is going by
really quick!" And earlier in the week he said "How fast your transfer
goes depends on how much you like your companion." HE DOES LIKE ME!!!
Hahaha that was great to hear. One Friday, we have dodgeball with a
bunch of members and non-members and we bring everyone together and
teach a lesson and play some dodgeball; anyways, on Friday night, one
of the guys plying dodgeball came up to us elders and asked us for a
blessing and he asked me to do it. It was such a great experience to
help him out with what he was going through. After the blessing he
told me thank you and then he said, "Dang Elder Bowler, do you work
out a lot?!" I was like not really, just 50 push-ups, 50 crunches, and
50 sit-ups a day! I guess it's paying off! On Sunday, we go to 3
sacrament meetings and elder Barnes falls asleep in every single one.  Then Sunday night we came back to the apartment and someone was
waiting outside for us and he gave me $100 bill and said "I noticed
your bike tires are kind of worn down. Take this money and go get new
tubes, tires, lights, and batteries" I was shocked! He said he loves
me and all I do and he knows what I'm going through is tough but he
said just stick through it and you'll be rewarded! Love that guy. Last
night was an awesome night too! We had a pretty great day and then to
finish off the night one of our appointments fell through so we went
over to the binghams and played games with them! And we're going
golfing with brother Bingham today! Pumped for that! I'm in Alma 55 in
my Book of Mormon reading! Hope you guys are reading every day! Have a
Great week! (:

Love, Elder Chase Bowler

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