Tuesday, February 17, 2015

{week 4}

This week has been a week filled with ups and downs. It has been so hard adjusting to a new companion who is brand new to the area and doesnt know anyone in the area... I mean im still brand new and trying to figure things out so basically we are just going around blind trying to find people haha. My new comp isn't really a people person and he is kind of awkward but luckily im pretty good at talking to people but im still struggling with talking about church stuff. I get so tongue tied during lessons but luckily my comp is good at talking about church stuff. On wednesday, i was really having a tough day and i was so close to just calling it off and coming home. I called elder ferguson and he was feeling the exact same way. We were both crying talking to eachother on the phone.. Then i called sister bingham and i told her how i was doing and how i was really struggling and she just told me that it wasnt what i wanted to do. She totally agrees with me on everything though. She agrees that my new comp should not be a trainer because he just isn't a very happy person but she told me just get through the transfer. I really just wanted to go home because life was so much easier at home but i knew that i shouldnt. Luckily i met with some other members that night and they really helped me out. Then on Sunday night, We were over teaching a less active family and reading scriptures with them and the spirit was SOOOOO strong. The father of that family is very active but his kids are not into the best things and they dont come to church. He told us about his mission and how at the beginning of his mission he was really struggling and missing home and he often cried and he said that prayer got him through that. It was so great to hear that.  Him and I teared up after the lesson when we were talking about it. He told me just pray and I will be okay. So this week, I have been praying like crazy! And it is really working! I really know how blessed i am to have had such great friends and such an amazing family growing up. Being out here has really showed me how family is so important and how lucky i am to have my family as my best friends too! My daily scripture reading is still going great! I hope all of you are still doing it! I am in mosiah 3 as of today. I haven't been reading as much because i am currently studying and going through preach my gospel too! Things are really looking up! I love you all! Keep the emails and mail coming (: Love, Elder Chase Bowler!

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