Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{week 2 email}

Hello family and friends! This week has been a much better than last week! I haven't been as home sick as much this week. Me and my companion continue to get along very well! Every Monday wednesday, and friday we play basketball at the stake center from 530 am to 630 am. Its a lot of fun because there is a bunch of guys from the wards that come and play with us. We have about 8-12 people show up daily. I've been getting a lot better at basketball! Im still shooting mostly 3 pointers because those are what im best at hahaha. Me and elder Ferguson had the awesome opportunity to teach a couple about the stop smoking program that the church has come up with and they are now non-smokers for 6 days now! It was crazy because they had been smoking for 40+ years. it was awesome to see such a change in them. Seeing them stop smoking really gave me inspiration that i should write to grandpa doc about it and tell him about the program and how i wanted the same for him and i wanted him to be able to go through the temple with me when i get back and get married. I really hope he got it. I sent it out about 5 days ago. As of today, we have 4 people on date. Soon to be 5 again. We had 2 people drop because they just wont come to church and they are moving soon so that was tough but we have a baptism for sure on the 21st! Last week, we were able to go to a family's house for dinner who had a red tailed boa constrictor that was 9 feet long and it was HUGE!! I wouldnt touch it or hold it because i was way too scared haha but it was crazy. We got to have a huge dodge ball game on friday with like 30 people and it got pretty crazy! One kid got hit in the head pretty hard and he was 14 and he actually started crying. It was crazy!! Right now we are reading the book of mormon as a mission and highlighting all the missionary scriptures and im getting so much out of it. My goal is 10-15 pages a day and i havent missed it yet! I can already see it blessing me tremendously. I actually love readinbg it daily. Its like my favorite part of the day! On another note, my companion that i had in the MTC went home. Im not sure why but i pray for him daily. Prayer is extremely powerful. On a mission, prayer is the most helpful thing you can do. ive seen it help me so much. Its crazy. We also got to go to temple square with one of our investigators on saturday night. It was my first time there as a missionary and it was so great. We got to go through the family video rooms. It made me and my comp tear up but we both knew this is where we are supposed to be. We really bonded over these last few weeks. Im loving it here more and more each day. Some days are harder than others but each day always seems to end up good by the end of the night. I love all you guys. I challenge you all to read the book of mormon. At least one chapter a day (: 

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