Wednesday, January 14, 2015

{his first email}

Hi mom, I hope you got my letter i wrote you, I sent it out on Monday morning. It stinks because we don't get much time at all to write. but i love hearing from everyone so keep using Dear Elder! Because they print out your emails and give it to me the same day so please keep them coming!

To kaidee, I miss you guys a lot too! i promise i wont forget about you guys haha and yeah of course i had to give you and chloe a goodbye kiss! im sorry for not always showing my love for you guys...i wish i would have showed it more but i will when i get back! I hope basketball is going good and soccer should be starting up soon right? Good luck! (: Ill send you guys more hand written letters to tell you about all the little details because we don't get much time on the computers at all! You better not mess up my room if you get it (; haha good job on making A team!  miss you tons! Love you tons! Love, Elder Bowler

Mom, P days re on Wednesdays here at the MTC which is weird but when mi in the field, P days will be on Tuesdays. I wasn't able to write you guys because I've been so busy! They have us on a pretty tight schedule out here. I'm not surprised i had the most laundry, i changed a lot! haha but I'm glad its easier for ya! And that's okay if Cole is the smallest. I was always the smallest kid but one of the best! Tell him to keep practicing! Could you send me all the instagram pics you put up of me from your phone and what people said! I want to stay with the times! haha its tough not having a phone out here but not as tough as i thought it would be. I'm doing great out here, the spirit is very strong. We got to do a temple session today at the Provo temple and it was very great being able to do that with all the other missionaries in my district! All the people wanted to talk to us at the temple too. Asking us where we were headed and where we are from. I've learned to be a much happier person out here. Joy and smiling lets people know that you're a happy person and more willing to talk to you (:  That's so cool that Cole was on TV and got to meet Tim Tebow. Keep sending me pics from everything (: Ill tell you more about my stories and stuff through hand written mail! we don't get hardly any time on computers but just know I'm doing great and I'm happy here! I love you very much mom! I cant wait to talk to you on mothers day! I miss you a ton! keep writing (:

I loved getting his first email!  He is doing so good!  He asked us to keep writing him he enjoys reading our letters.  Thanks to all of you for all your support for not only him but me too.  Love you guys  Letti


  1. yaay! its sounds like he is doing awesome and loving it! Good job Byrds! Way to help get him out there! love you all

  2. I love your missionary so much, all of you Byrds are amazing!!! I really like you all. Congrats to all of you for making the A-team!!!