Tuesday, January 20, 2015

{Chase's last letter in the MTC}

Good morning! 
     Since this is my last day at the MTC, i get to be on the computer for a little while just so i have some time to write before i go out in the field. So basically this week has been pretty much the same as last week except it has been going by a lot faster. 3 other elders that were in my district left at 3 this morning on their way to New York. So there is just 5 of us here today so its a little different. While being out here, i have realized how much prayer can do for me. I pray for like everything here. I pray before a lesson, before studying, before bed, when i wake up, and just anytime I'm struggling with anything! so last week, we got to talk to some members who came to the MTC to learn from us just as volunteers to help us with our teaching. Well anyways, we got to talking to this guy for a while and teaching him and he loved what we had to say! anyways, at the end of our lesson, he challenged me and my companion to give a Book of Mormon to one of our friends back home who might need or want it. So you know my friend Katie Gruber, well we've been emailing back and forth and shes been telling me that shes not doing too great with her life right now just because shes feeling home sick in college and she feels all alone out there and stuff. So i took the opportunity to talk to her about prayer and religion and how much its helped me in my life and she said she has been praying. Then i asked her if she knew what i believed in my faith and she said she knew some things but not much... but anyways, i asked her if she would like me to send her a Book of Mormon but I wasn't sure how she would respond but she said YES! So I'm gonna get a Book of Mormon and write a little message in it and send it out to her. Its so crazy how the lord gave me inspiration to talk to Katie about the gospel and prayer. I'm not sure how things will turn out for her but I know its a great start! I'm gonna follow up with her to see if shes been reading it and who knows, maybe she'll read it all and commit to baptism!!! That was the coolest experience I've had here so far! Last night we had a little testimony meeting as a district with all 8 of us and we just went around saying how great the MTC has been and why we are here on a mission and stuff. It was super spiritual and great to here the stories of other missionaries and the struggles they have faced to come on a mission. A lot of them were in the same boat as me where they didn't really want to come on a mission for a while then they realized that it would be the best thing for them and none of us regret coming out here. We've all grown tremendously out here. I'm excited to get out there in to the actual mission and teach real investigators! I love and miss you all!

 Love, Elder Chase Bowler 

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