Monday, February 22, 2016

{busy week}

Hey friends and family!! Sorry for writing this email so late! Been a
real busy day today. So this past week, we had a rough week and it
really tested our patience! We had 11 of our 15 appointments cancel on
us for just random reasons and there's nothing worse than planning on
having a lesson with someone and then they cancel... And then our
investigator with a baptismal date named raistlin ended up moving to
Maine over the weekend which was just unbelievable to us because like
who the heck even lives in Maine?!! It was just so crazy and it really
sucks because he was supposed to get baptized this coming Saturday so
it's a pretty big bummer /: just gotta keep working hard to find the
others who are being prepared! I've been in the area I'm in right now
for about 4 months now and transfers are coming up next Tuesday so
most likely I'll be getting transferred out to a new area and getting
a new companion but we'll see! I'll keep you guys updated on my photo
sharing on Saturday when we find out what's happening so keep posted!
Not too much happened from Wednesday to today so I'll keep it short!
Love you guys! (:

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