Monday, February 22, 2016

{14 months}

Good morning! So it's that time again... Transfers! This time, I will
be leaving my area and heading to West Valley, Utah which I've been
told is the Compton of Utah Valley so I should have a few more
interesting stories than I do now here in Taylorsville hahaha. Oh and
I also hit my 14 month mark this last week! 11 of those months has
been spent here in Taylorsville and the other 3 months was in
Granstville. It's gonna be way different leaving after being here for
so long but change is good! My new companion will be Elder Erdman and
I was in the same district as him when we were out in Tooele together
so we've been on a few exchanges and he's a pretty cool guy. He's a
real hard worker, he's more on the quiet side but he's like the same
height as me so we'll be like the shortest comps in the mission!!
Hahahaha and obviously the best looking too. Haha anyways... Elder
Ball will be staying here in this area and getting a new companion
named elder Keesling and I know both of them are great missionaries so
I'm not worried about the area too much. I'll sure miss it though.
This week has been a pretty slow week for teaching but we've gotten a
lot of referrals so elder ball will be just fine. Well, I'll have more
to write this next week! If you ever have questions or anything, just
send me an email! Love you guys!

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