Tuesday, April 14, 2015

{week 12}

This week has been another good week! So Wednesday I got all new stuff for my bike because the stuff was already wearing out! A member from one of the wards saw that I needed new tires, pedals, and grips and he gave me $100 to get whatever I needed for my bike so I got new grips, tires, batteries for my lights, and new pedals. So thankful for so many kind and generous members out here. Me and my companion have been given probably around $200 together just from members paying for our dinners randomly and giving us money at grocery stores and stuff haha. So thankful for the members out here! On Tuesday nights we have stake coordination with all of the ward mission leaders and the stake mission leader and his name is Brother Bricko. It is crazy how much he reminds me of Jay Wilson! He's such a cool guy! Anyways,  on Wednesday night , he was talking to the sister missionaries in our district and we didn't really know what they were talking about until afterwards they came up to me and told me that Brother Bricko like loves me and he talked about how im a very caresmatic and how I'm gonna be an A.P some day and he loves having me as a stake missionary! And that was great to hear from someone like him! On Thursday, me and elder Barnes got into a disagreement about basketball because he tried to tell me the magic franchise was better than the lakers and I was like oh heck no haha. That day was a pretty good day! We've been having a lot of success with less-actives this week and focusing on reactivating them because we are struggling to find new people but my faith is strong!! April is really flying by so fast already! My mission is flying by too! Already been out 3 months and it doesn't feel even close to that! Elder Barnes and I have really come a long way since we've been companions. I've learned a lot in the 9 weeks we've been together and although we started off kinda rough, we got it together and had a good time together! I'm thankful for the time we had together to really help me to grow in many ways! Even though it's been very tough at times... No growth occurs in the comfort zone! On Sunday, we went to church and we had a great church day! We had 5 people at church that we were working with so it was obviously a great day! (: Then on Monday, we get transfer calls that night so throughout most of the day we were just talking about what we think is gonna happen and we made predictions but we were all way wrong! My whole district got transferred and I am the only one staying and instead of covering 3 wards, I now cover 6 wards and my new companion is Elder Gilman. From what I hear, he seems like a pretty cool guy and he loves sports so that's always a plus! Im really loving the iPad's we have too! They make everything so much better and they make teaching easier and even more spiritual! They really make missionary life a lot easier and better! Unfortunately we don't have anyone on date right now :( but I love reading your guys' emails and pictures! Keep em comin (: 

Love Elder Bowler

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